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The @ldo/cli is a command line interface for initializing LDO and building ShapeTypes.


Automatic Setup

To setup LDO, cd into your typescript project and run npx @ldo/cli init.

cd my-typescript-project
npx @ldo/cli init

Manual Setup

The following is handled by the automatic setup:

Install the LDO dependencies.

npm install @ldo/ldo
npm install @ldo/cli --save-dev

Create a folder to store your ShEx shapes:

mkdir shapes

Create a script to build ShEx shapes and convert them into Linked Data Objects. You can put this script in package.json

  scripts: {
    "build:ldo": "ldo build --input ./shapes --output ./ldo"

Generating a ShapeType

@ldo/cli generates shape types using the *.shex files in the "input" folder. If you followed the instructions above, run the following command:

npm run build:ldo

This will generate five files: - ./ldo/foafProfile.shapeTypes.ts <-- This is the important file - ./ldo/foafProfile.typings.ts - ./ldo/foafProfile.schema.ts - ./ldo/foafProfile.context.ts

API Details