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@ldo/solid-react provides tool and hooks for easily building Solid applications using react.


A full walkthrough for using the @ldo/solid library can be found in the For Solid + React Guide


Navigate into your project's root folder and run the following command:

cd my_project/
npx run @ldo/cli init

Now install the @ldo/solid library

npm i @ldo/solid @ldo/solid-react

Manual Installation

If you already have generated ShapeTypes, you may install the @ldo/ldo and @ldo/solid libraries independently.

npm i @ldo/ldo @ldo/solid @ldo/solid-react

Simple Example

Below is a simple example of @ldo/solid-react in a real use-case. Assume that a ShapeType was previously generated and placed at ./.ldo/solidProfile.shapeTypess.

import type { FunctionComponent } from "react";
import React, { useCallback } from "react";
import {
} from "@ldo/solid-react";
import { SolidProfileShapeShapeType } from "./.ldo/solidProfile.shapeTypes";
import { changeData, commitData } from "@ldo/solid";

// The base component for the app
const App: FunctionComponent = () => {
  return (
    /* The application should be surrounded with the BrowserSolidLdoProvider
    this will set up all the underlying infrastructure for the application */
      <Login />

// A component that handles login
const Login: FunctionComponent = () => {
  // Get login information using the "useSolidAuth" hook
  const { login, logout, session } = useSolidAuth();

  const onLogin = useCallback(() => {
    const issuer = prompt("What is your Solid IDP?");
    // Call the "login" function to initiate login
    if (issuer) login(issuer);
  }, []);

  // You can use session.isLoggedIn to check if the user is logged in
  if (session.isLoggedIn) {
    return (
        {/* Get the user's webId from session.webId */}
        <p>Logged in as {session.webId}</p>
        {/* Use the logout function to log out */}
        <button onClick={logout}>Log Out</button>
        <Profile />
  return <button onClick={onLogin}>Log In</button>;

// Renders the name on the profile
const Profile: FunctionComponent = () => {
  const { session } = useSolidAuth();
  // With useResource, you can automatically fetch a resource
  const resource = useResource(session.webId);
  // With useSubject, you can extract data from that resource
  const profile = useSubject(SolidProfileShapeShapeType, session.webId);

  const onNameChange = useCallback(async (e) => {
    // Ensure that the
    if (!profile || !resource) return;
    // Change data lets you create a new object to make changes to
    const cProfile = changeData(profile, resource);
    // Change the name =;
    // Commit the data back to the Pod
    await commitData(cProfile);
  }, []);

  return <input type="text" value={profile?.name} onChange={onNameChange} />;

export default App;

API Details


Hooks - useLdo - useResource - useRootContainer - useSolidAuth - useSubject


This project was made possible by a grant from NGI Zero Entrust via nlnet. Learn more on the NLnet project page.

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