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Parses raw RDF and puts its results into an LdoDataset.


import { parseRdf } from "ldo";

const rawTurtle = "...";
const ldoDataset = parseRdf(rawTurtle, { baseIRI: "" });


parseRdf(data: string, parserOptions?: ParserOptions): Promise<LdoDataset>


  • data: The raw data to parse as a string.
  • options (optional): Parse options containing the following keys:
    • format (optional): The format the data is in. The following are acceptable formats: Turtle, TriG, N-Triples, N-Quads, N3, Notation3.
    • baseIRI (optional): If this data is hosted at a specific location, you can provide the baseIRI of that location.
    • blankNodePrefix (optional): If blank nodes should have a prefix, that should be provided here.
    • factory (optional): a RDF Data Factory from @rdfjs/data-model.